LPFM Media

It’s all about programming…

Since 2017 according to FCC publications over 1,035 LPFM stations have gone silent. That’s 28% of all licenses issued under the Local Community Radio Act of 2010. The main reason is that stations were no able to secure adequate funding. But there is a more important underlying cause to funding failure and that is lack of quality programming. Without programs, it’s nearly impossible to get sponsors. And it has become clear that a sponsor does not want to fund or support a 24/7 music jukebox.

Based on our success in developing quality programs for WKDW 97.5 FM and through our association with media producers, we have created LPFM Media as a source of programs at a fraction of the cost of the big media outlets (who don’t want to sell to small stations or broadband broadcasters.)

Click on the following link to explore what LPFM Media has to offer and bring your budget into the black and keep your station on the air.