We are the Community Broadband Radio Association, Inc., a non-profit, all volunteer team dedicated to developing and supporting community radio worldwide.

With the advent of digital broadcasting, free and open communication became available to communities world-wide. Commercial and public broadcasting stations have always been prohibitively expensive to start and maintain, and by their nature, most programming is produced and purchased outside of the listening area. While commercial and public radio stations play important roles in news, information and entertainment, they can’t provide access for everyone’s voices. That is the role of community broadband.

We provide the technical platform and the process for any group or individual to produce and broadcast directly to their community through internet radio. But programming and broadband broadcasting is not easy or intuitive. To that end, we are dedicated to encouraging, training, promoting and supporting the development of community radio.

KDWRadio.com in 2010 was our first experiment in digital broadband broadcasting, and the community station has grown into a nationally recognized FCC licensed LPFM station, WKDW 97.5 FM, and we are the Emergency Radio Operations Center for our hurricane zone in South West Florida. We have grown from a few dedicated believers to 68 volunteers with 46 show hosts producing 24/7 top quality programs.

The development and operation of WKDW gave us the knowledge and experience in broadcasting and business operations to assist other communities to develop their own digital voices.

We can help you to create and maintain your own station:

  1. We can provide all of the infrastructure to broadcast including automation software, live feed broadcasting and unlimited bandwidth servers.
  2. We can provide all of the technical and operations training required to operate a station.
  3. And most important, we provide the back end support for fundraising and financing to keep your station viable.

If you have the passion to start and operate a community broadband radio station, we have what you need to realize that goal. Click the contact link and let’s have a conversation.